This style consists of a roll located on top of your head.


Vintage 1920s men’s hairstyles exemplified the refined gentleman. Long hair was parted in the center and looped over the ears and sides, pulled back into a bun at the center crown.



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Short fringe bangs, about an inch above the eyebrows, with longer pieces in the center tapering shorter to the sides, was another popular shape in the mid-’50s.

This classic look is super big, puffy and curly and will transform you into a 1940s pin up girl. 7 Easy Everyday Hairstyles with PIGTAILS and ELASTICS. Ringlet curls could also be worn on the sides.

Hairstyles Videos. 1942 hairstyles for shoulder length hair.

Jan 30, 2018 · So since we once talked about vintage sampoos, i had to make a post about the 1940s-1950s hairstyles! Besides, i think every lady out there who is into vintage is interested to know more about them! I might as well do a tutorial about a specific style, so just stay tuned on my Instagram page to vote which hairstyle you want to see on the blog.


Classic Pin-Up Hair Tutorial | PinUpDollAShleyMarie. A buzz cut was cropped very short around the entirety of the head.

. Waved Quiff.

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Today’s tutorial was inspired by the gorgeous pin up girls in the 1940’s.


She has a mix of straight, waves, and curl textures in her hairstyle that harmonize so well.

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. 15. Long, wavy girls hairstyles of the ’40s Teen girls’ hair was similar to their mothers’, but mostly like glamorous movie stars with medium to long flowing wavy locks. One bobbed look for girls was a box cut, which came to the chin, with fringe cut straight across the forehead. The hairstyle is tied back with a hair comb, much like the Grip-Tuth hair combs.


With a myriad of voluminous looks and curly ‘dos among the best ‘40s hair looks, it’s no surprise that so many people want to bring 1940s hair to life. They give an insight into the hairstyles, makeup and clothing worn during this time.


This classic look is super big, puffy and curly and will transform you into a 1940s pin up girl.

The inward-curled voluminous bangs at the front complete the look.

The 1940s was an era of iconic style, with many of its trends still used today.