You go to bake cookies, and the oven doesn’t turn on.

30-in Gas and Electric Range Oven Igniter (Brass) Model # LPKHRD3088U.

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Step 2: Open the oven door and take out the screws which hold the bottom panel in place.

First, the igniter draws electrical current through the oven safety valve to open it. April 19, 2023. When the igniter is hot enough, the oven’s gas valve will open up and deliver gas through the oven’s burner.

Set or clear the timer on your Samsung oven.

Once you get used to adjusting the burners, cooking with a gas range or cooktop is fast, easy, and convenient. • Convert your 30 inch Thor Kitchen range from natural gas to liquid propane. Step 3: Pull out the bottom drawer of the oven.

sung Stove NX58H5600SS NX58F5500SS NX58J5600SG (1 YEAR WARRANTY) 3. Broiler worked fine.



. Samsung stove/oven.

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Now that amperage number there is very important to remember.


Throughout the use of the oven, you will hear it light.

Bake igniter DG94-01012A ignites the gas to light the bake burner. Compatible Range Oven Igniter for Samsung NX58H9500WS, NX58H9950WS, NX58K9500WG Range Models (1-Pack) Brand: RO6G. .

This item Compatible Range Oven Igniter for Samsung NX58F5500SS, NX58H5600SS Range Models ERP DG94-00520A Range Igniter [Upgraded] DG64. The DG94-01012A Oven Igniter ignites to heat a gas oven. 0 Cu Ft. ERP DG94-00520A Range Igniter. .


Position the new ignitor in place, just like the old one. .

Take a clamp-on type ammeter, and attach it to the circuit to determine whether the igniter is working efficiently enough to open the safety valve.




Broiler worked fine.