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Connect the sensor to an ohm meter and heat it up with a hair dryer.

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As a result, the motorcycle may consume more fuel than necessary,.

Repeat this process, with a 2 second hold, to save your time selection.

NAMZ® OEM Engine Temperature Connector (ND-12162193-B) 0. S&S located theirs under the rear head engine mount bolt. Is the resistance reading between 900-10,000 Ohms with the vehicle and sensor at ambient room temperature?.

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The dealer replaced the sensor 3 days ago and everything was fine for the 1st day and now back to screwing up. . 0.

To activate the diagnostic feature,follow these steps. Speedometer Calibration and Gear Indicators • Calibrating Your.

The arm of the bracket makes it a tight fit, and when I looked at the RGs at my dealership, I didn't see the sensor located at the same spot.

I did find a sentence in the service manual.

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I went to the local HD dealer and got a new sensor for around $40. Hold to save the hours and the advance to the minute selection.

This information is used by the engine control unit to adjust the air/fuel.
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Bad sensor.


. Fill a cup or small container with ice and water. 361K subscribers.

. 2) undo cross over line (bottom front of gas tank. I believe that you can check the oil temperature sending unit by checking the amount of resistance in the unit. html/RK=2/RS=rHQJMzh2btMUDL0vt68dlG8sCnE-" referrerpolicy="origin" target="_blank">See full list on cararac. NAMZ® Delphi Series OEM Intake Air Temperature Sensor Connector (ND-15336027-B) 0. .

Radiator cooling fans did not work.

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Diagnose Harley Engine Temp Sensor.

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The ECT will trigger a high-temp alert and illuminate an IM LED (thermometer in water icon) when the coolant reaches: 113 °C (235 °F) according to the 2002/2003 EDM.

If you have an ohm meter you can test the sensor.

117 °C (243 °F) according to the 2005 EDM.