. Shoot it from a 22-ounce Smith & Wesson Pro Series Model 640 and it generates roughly 10 ft-lbs.

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357 is big, but though most of the circumference is lengthwise, it overall is not really bigger than my Para P-14, and I even compared it to an old Smith & Wesson 659, which is a double stack 9mm from. It is a smaller diameter bullet with a high velocity, which makes it penetrate well during hunting. It has one of the greatest stock double-action triggers on the market, and it’s a joy to shoot.


. UPC: 8053670712140. 357 for $1,249 as you see it in the pictures with black grips and fixed sights, and they offer upgrades on sights, grips, Duracoat, and extra mags above that.

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99. The 357 Magnum is a highly regarded round for hunting and self-defense.

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357 Mágnum (9x33 R) мм — американский патрон большой мощности, созданный компанией Smith & Wesson в 1934 году Содержание 1 История. Dec 31, 2020 · A brief history of the development of the. Rossi R92 – Best Lightweight.

357 Magnum load that leaves a snubbie's muzzle at 1,000 fps. 5 Inch Barrel. Ruger SP101. The pistol isn’t as heavy, long or. 11 $529. .

11 $529.

Chiappa Firearms Rhino 40DS 357 Magnum DA/SA Revolver with Black Anodized Finish and 4 Inch Barrel - $1099. .


357 Magnum cartridge has been with us since 1934 and has turned into one of America’s most popular rounds for home defense, handgun hunting and general badassery.

357 Magnum Rifle.


In 1957 Smith & Wesson gave its handguns a number designation, and the blued-steel medium-frame.