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Beware of fraudulent job offers: WFP is aware of fictitious employment offers being circulated via email or originating from online job boards. The estimated additional pay is.

Area of expertise.

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. The average salaries for World Food Programme (WFP) is 122,492 Shilling. .


. Unit / Division: UN World Food Programme Malawi Country. .

Unit / Division: UN World Food Programme Malawi Country. 1), effective 1 March 2015.

A staff member is an employee in the professional and higher categories recruited internationally and paid on the basis of salary scales applied worldwide and.


. Duration: 12 months.

. Date of Issue: 17 February 2023 Deadline: 2 March 2023.

Benefit includes 1.
It is normally only for nationals.

The roles include Head.

Oct 27, 2022 · The estimated total pay for a Consultant at World Food Programme is $7,240 per month.

This is a NO-B contract. Duty Station: Bangkok, Thailand. National Officer category.

for mid-career professionals (P4 - P5) 95,000 - 123,000. Wondering how much a SC-5 is paid? We are not able to show the base salary here. This kind of contract is known as National Professional Officers. Rather, the value of these should be included in the remuneration scales such that these scales are broadly competitive with the total remuneration values for the 50th percentile of the local labour market. .


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Feb 17, 2023 · Date of Issue: 17 February 2023 Deadline: 2 March 2023.

The evaluation concluded that: WFP was able to position itself strategically in Zambia and demonstrated its capacity to scale up to respond to droughts and Covid 19, although this limited the intended strategic shift away from direct food assistance.

Programme Associate: Climate Change SC6 (12 months renewable contract), Windhoek, Namibia.


Deadline for Applications: 16 April 2023.